About Us

Vartech East Africa an all inclusive and non-partisan Marketing and Advertisement company in Kenya. Founded with the aim to provide clients with a better quality services without compromising on quality on our services offered. We help the client make the right choice in branding and brand placement in the market by infusing rich concepts and strategies on their brands that will instantly connect with their target market enriching brand loyality and positioning through Marketing and Advertisement. From the first sketch to brand launch, we will remain to be your brand partner as an end - to -end service provider.we will ensure that your brand stands out and differ from any other ACME brand in the market either above or below the line.

"I never envisaged working for anyone other than myself because I had an impossible temperament! "

Derrick Mbai, CEO

Who We Are

We are a dynamic marketing and advertising Company based in Nairobi-Kenya, thanks to our innovations, creativity and our never-ending search for excellence.

What We Do

At Vartech East Africa, what we do go beyond strategizing, designing, and creating. It’s about showing up and buckling down. Dreaming big and finding the breakthroughs. What we do is both art and science, and it takes an in-house team to get the job done.

Why We Do It

Our entrepreneurial spirit is driven by one purpose: making the city, transport systems, and shopping centres ever more attractive while meeting the challenges of the 21st century such as urbanisation and digitalisation.

Vartech East Africa