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The challenge of reaching Young,local Travellers: Tourism & OOH

The challenge of reaching Young,local Travellers: Tourism & OOH 

The young Gen-Y and Gen-Z, who have grown up with the internet and technology often have  unique values and priorities when it comes to Travel. Do travel brands understand their way of  thinking and how have they harnessed OOH to evolve their communication with these  growing, trend-setting consumers? 

Gen-Y, Millennials, Gen-Z, the i-Generation, post-Millennials; the young, under 35s population have  many labels. This modern generation of consumers have matured together with the internet; their  lives are closely integrated with the latest technological developments. They perceive both as  necessities rather than luxuries and they rely on the transparency, communication and the  communities that these tools provide. 

Travel & Tourism brands are focused on capturing the attention of this growing segment of  the population by being part of the conversation, and by providing unique and resonating  experiences. Engagement and targeting have been an important part within the media  strategies among brands who understand the way these consumers think and how they  make purchasing decisions. OOH has been widely integrated into marketing strategies as it  o ers unique, real-life capabilities that ensure results for both goals. 

Community thinking 

Communicating on social media and instant messaging is deeply ingrained in the everyday behaviour  and the decision-making processes of young consumers. Only by o ering relevant and compelling  content at the right time and place, can brands build a genuine connection within the communities  of this audience and earn a trusted role in the consumers’ shopping habits. 

Although OOH is traditionally known for long-term brand building, the medium’s combined strength  of building mass coverage with adaptive digital delivery can in uence short-term consumer behaviour.  To ensure smooth cross-channel communication, successful Tourism campaigns have integrated their  OOH and digital marketing strategies. 

Research shows that people who see an OOH campaign are 17% more likely to engage with the brand  on their smartphone. Campaigns that feature clear call-to-action driving to mobile, hashtags, QR codes  or NFC drive mobile engagement. Furthermore, Digital OOH (DOOH) opportunities provide  exible,  responsive and targeted brand messaging. With any content from weather, location or custom live sales  data and social media feeds, Dynamic content allows advertisers to tie in consumer and market data to  maximise the performance of their OOH campaign delivery. 

Generation that prioritises experience 

Due to having di erent outlooks both in their personal and their professional lives, younger consumers  also have di erent expectations from travel than older travellers. In fact, per a recent report by Global  Business Travel Association, 48% of young professionals will extend their business trip for leisure. For  them travel is a lifestyle. They will often prefer pursuing unusual, memorable experiences over standard  beach holidays. 

The OOH audience is in an active mindset, open to visual stimulation and brand interaction. OOH o ers  the unique opportunity for brands to have a physical presence during the everyday journey of urban  consumers. And with innovative, outside-the-box campaigns Tourism advertisers can leave a lasting  impression by beginning the consumer experience before the departure. Audiences will engage with  brands who show an understanding of their needs and their lifestyle in a unique and memorable way.  Campaigns that provide an experience can create a powerful emotional connection with their audience.

Harnessing data 

With digital innovation and the sheer mass of information available, young consumers expect brands to  o er them only the most relevant and contextual messaging. The proliferation of purely online travel  brands like AirBnB, TripAdvisor or Expedia, as well as the popularity of online in uencers, point to a  demand for unlimited access to trusted sources o ering authentic, unique and exclusive travel  experiences all over the world. 

Digital brands have a unique advantage of possessing large volumes of data. OOH is a medium that  commands trust, and its mass reach provides fast cover. Today, with DOOH, brands can integrate this  data to communicate information that re ects the in-the-moment demand. By using Dynamic content  brands can anticipate the needs of consumers and provide topical, entertaining and unique content. 

Young consumers are challenging the purchasing journey within Travel & Tourism. Advertisers wishing  to reach this increasingly valuable audience must show an understanding of their habits, needs and  travel preferences and target them di erently. OOH o ers plenty of space for innovation and engagement.  The physical presence of the medium within the daily journeys of these consumers, allows brands to truly  stand out, demonstrate their shared values in the real world and leave a lasting impression.